What Is The Pros And Cons Of Using Print Media As An Advertising And Marketing Medium?


Any kind of advertising has its own pros and cons.  When you are thinking about the ways in which you can market your business you will most likely consider print media as a good start.  Even though print media is probably at the top of many companies’ advertising options list,  can turn out to be more expensive than other types of marketing mediums.

Pros and Cons of Print Media:

Newspaper Advertising: 

Pros; you can choose your advertisement size and its placement on the page.  You can choose the days on which your advertisement will run and how many times.

Cons; your creative options are limited and you will have to cope with poor quality due to reproduction.  Newspapers normally do not have a long life, they get thrown out as soon as the news it contains is deemed old news.

Magazine Advertising: 

Pros; magazines are a popular print medium that is highly engaging and can make a strong impression on its readers.  A major difference between Magazines and Newspapers will be the quality of the printing and colour.  People will also keep a magazine for longer times because the articles stay relevant and do not become old news the next day.

Cons; the waiting times to have an advertisement placed can take as long as two to three months, due to publication dates.  Not all magazines have weekly editions; some magazines are only distributed quarterly.

Flyers and Posters: 


Pros; posters or flyers can be placed in newspapers and magazines as well as in post boxes.  This is a low-cost distribution approach.

Cons; if your posters or flyers end up in between a lot of other advertising pamphlets, they may not get the attention you wanted them to receive.

Other types of print media include direct mail, in the form of letters, postcards and other types of mail.  Again, the success of this type of print media will depend on the accurate delivery of said letters and postcards.

Even though websites and online marketing are a lot cheaper and seem to be taking over the field of marketing, print media stays a valid marketing media that still reach customers on many levels.  The primary strengths of print media can be found in its tangibility, high credibility and an enduring message.

3 Ways In Which A Business Can Benefit Through The Conducting Of Marketing Research and Surveys

Owning a business you already know that marketing is a very important part of making your product or service known to customers.  You also know that spending too much on advertising can reduce your company’s profit.  If your marketing is done in the wrong type of media or the wrong platforms, you will not reach your targeted customers.

These are the reasons why research and surveys play an important role in marketing.

3 Ways in which Marketing Research and Marketing Surveys can be beneficial for your business:

Marketing Research:

  1. Centring your Business on your Customers: This process is also part of conducting surveys, with the main purpose to collect important information about your customers and creating a list that includes their names and surnames, e-mail addresses and all other relevant information.
  2. Helping to understand your Business’s Competition: Knowing what your competitors have on offer will help you create an Advertising Campaign that will stand out from the crowd and show your product or services uniqueness.  Knowing your competition will help you learn how to do things better.
  3. Enables Testing for Success: You can test new ideas and products by tentatively introducing them to the market.  Researching the reaction you get from your target customers, you can decide if your ideas or products will be worth your while.

Marketing Surveys:

  1. The Collecting of Customer Information: Surveys can be conducted in all the different types of mediums that can be used in marketing.  A survey will help you to start out a much important Customer list, to firstly know your regular customers.
  2. Gain Knowledge of What, Where and How customers like to receive your advertising and special offers: You can place surveys on all your media platforms in the form of questionnaires.  Include questions on where your customers are most likely to find your advertisements for products and services.
  3. Testing the Waters for New Products or Ideas: Conducting the possibilities of a new product or idea can be done in all the possible ways you can.  Giving out a sample of a product with a question to complete, or conducting a questionnaire on said service or product at a shopping mall are only two of the many possibilities.

Marketing Research and Marketing Surveys will help you run your business more effectively and help you manage you’re, always important, marketing in a cost-effective manner.